diy holiday wrapping paper

diy holiday wrapping paper
Because every gift deserves a good wrap!

How to: DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

You will need:
Speedball carving tool
Rubber block stamp
Paint or ink
Solid color wrapping paper

1. Draw your design onto the rubber block stamp with a pencil.

2. Hold your carving tool at an angle and cut into the block making shallow grooves along your design (cut out what you don’t want to appear when you stamp the paper – like this).

3. Lay out the desired amount of wrapping paper then apply a light layer of paint to the face of your stamp.

4. Continuously stamp the surface of your wrapping paper.

5. Wrap your gift and save your stamp to use again next year!

p.s. for some cool gifts to DIY check out this, this, this, this, oh and, this!

p.s.s. the 2 bracelets are sophie monet, obv! available here and here.

Photos: because im addicted for stylehive

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  1. Very creative lovely! I would of NEVER thought of this… I also LOVE wrapping my gifts with newspaper like paper… if that makes any sense? LOL. I'll definitely try this out. 🙂 x

  2. Love this idea! I love the imperfect, organic look of your design along with the use of a bold red color – really unexpected and sophisticated!

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