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Soph (pictured in the final shot – isn’t she just ador?) and I are guessing that you have a clutch (or two and specifically THIS one) sitting untouched on your shelf. Are we right or are we right? Well today is that clutches lucky day! It’s time to dust that bad boy off and re-invigorate the staple with a little neon lace makeover à la Christopher Kane SS 11.

How to: DIY Neon Lace Clutch

You will need:
Salvaged tank top from the abyss of your closet
or neon lace fabric
Old clutch or makeup bag
Fabric glue
Needle and thread

1. Cut along the seam of your tank top to split open and lay your clutch inside with seams parallel to one another.

2. Fold over the open flap to cover the clutch and cut off excess fabric along the outer edges of the clutch.

3. Turn the fabric inside out and sew along 3 of the edges to create a case to fit your clutch inside of.

4. Turn the fabric right side out so that the edges are seamless and slip your clutch into the lace shell.

5. Glue down the fabric to the clutch and let dry.

For more DIY’s head right THIS WAY!

Photos: because im addicted for GRAZIA (<–check it out)

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