diy thank you notes

diy thank you notes
Between shopping for gifts (which subsequently resulted in impulse purchases for oneself. you know, like that nye dress), travel expenses and general shenanigans the holiday spending can add up and add up fast!

Come January, self imposed shopping bans and nightly Ramen dins are often put into full credit-card-payoff effect but there’s still one more holiday expense to go: thank you notes.

This year Sophie and I figured, why buy thank you notes when handmade cards are much more thoughtful and cost effective? 25 thank you notes for under $6 – yes, please!

How to: DIY Thank You Notes

You will need:
Blank cards and envelopes (we bought a 25 card/envelope pack at Michael’s for $2 )
Stamps (we bought ours for $1/each)
Ink/paint (we bought ours for $2)
Paint brush (or you can use your fingers)
Pen to write your note
Postage stamps

1. Get creative with your stamps and paint on plain paper. Once you reach a pattern your satisfied with (see the 4 we made for inspiration) go to town on your blank cards.

2. Let dry then write your gracious thank you notes and send with love.

Photos: because im addicted for stylehive

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