DIY shark tooth necklace

DIY shark tooth necklace Photobucket
Shark teeth. So hot right now.

I mean…how badass are THOSE Givenchy Spring ’12 necklaces?

How to: DIY Shark Tooth Necklace

You will need:
28 inches of chain
1 foot of wire
1 clasp
1 jump-ring
1 shark tooth (Soph and I got ours on eBay)
Wire cutters

1. Using wire cutters, cut 1 foot of wire. Create a wire loop (how-to here).

2. Holding wire loop against the back of the shark tooth, wrap wire around the right side then the left. Alternate sides 3 times.

3. Wrap remaining wire 3 times around the the loop you made in step 1.

4. Slip chain through the loop. Add clasp and jump-ring using pliers.


Photos: because im addicted in collaboration with Sophie Monet

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  1. They don’t kill sharks . I go to the beach and fine them .Does anyone know what size wire? I have so many sharks teeth . I have decided to make jewelry with them.

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