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I’m wearing a vintage blazer from Goodwill,
Sparkle & Fade sweater, gifted Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Tye Dye, Isabel Marant Gatsy pumps, Jérôme Dreyfuss Billy bag and DITA Vesoul sunnies.

Working full time (which yes, I do) can put a damper on the cute outfits department. You get up early, have limited time to shower, dab on some makeup, eat breakfast, catch up with Matt Lauer and by the time you’ve looked in the mirror disgruntled (give yourself a break next time, you still haven’t caffeinated!) prompting two changes you’re just shy of being late (or in the event that you’re a notorious run-back-in-the-house-because-you-forgot-your-phone-then-run-back-in-again-because-you-forgot-the-check-you-were-suppose-to-deposit-yesterday kind of gal then you are in fact, late).

For these reasons, and possibly laziness, my new default get-ready-in-a-hurry-thing is throwing on colored, patterned and/or any other denim that isn’t straight up blue jeans. Even though they are still in fact jeans, they read as “I put some effort into this.”

Prime example: these tye-dye numbers (which you may re-call from the giveaway I did back in Jan). I rolled out of bed, threw my hair on top of my head, stepped into these bad boys, tossed on my usual sweater/blazer combo then bolted out the door and when I arrived at work my fashion council pursed their lips.

I think tomorrow I’ll go for red J. Brands – roooar!

Photo: Sophie Monet / edited by moi

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  1. Your honesty is great as your Mom and much older than you it is refreshing to know that you too forget your cell phone and or whatever in the house before you can get out of the house!It gives me a lot of hope and lets me know I don't suffer from terminal uniqueness.Phew Im no the only one!YAY!LOL xxoo

  2. I cannot lie, so jealous that you can look so great on a "just threw this together day." The whole look is great. I turn to all black when I am having a morning like the one you described. 🙂

  3. I can't ever leave the house once…it's the phone, sunnies, snack for my daughter, wallet, whatever. I am working on getting it all toether the night before but like THAT ever happens! 🙂
    well for rolling out of bed and being late and all that you look pretty fabulous. you can't go wrong with that entire outfit…looks amazing!

  4. obsessed with patterned pants right now..they're just so easy and instantly add something to any outfit! just did a post on how to wear them a few different ways!

    sabrina amomentinstyle.com

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