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In honor of H&M’s 5th Fashion Against AIDS collection (which hits more than 300 stores on April 26th – 25% of proceeds will benefit AIDS awareness organizations) they’re hitting up Coachelllllla in a big way. Stop by H&M’s Coachella tent where you can “Kiss for a Cause” and H&M will donate $1 to AIDS research for every Foursquare, Twitter or Instagram user that posts a kissy pic coupled with hashtags #kissforacause #hmusa.

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Photos: H&M

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  1. THIS is hypocrisy of H & M, armies of Chinese make clothes that each and all of us without human rights, and now clean your image using AIDS … that disgust of society. = (

    It drives me crazy your BLOG.

    Regarding LOOK: speechless

    You can see my new top CONSCIOUS (H & M):


    La Vie Quotidienne

    XOXO from MUNICH

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