LEAF x BARNEYS NEW YORK: Transform the Everyday Black Dress

LEAF teamed up with Barneys New York to transform your favorite black dresses into the most coveted item in your closet… and in the process we’ve created our favorite video yet!

The best part? All of the pieces are shopable!

Kind of dying!!!

Watch, share and shop above…

p.s. to see a complete list of shopable items click here and a big shout out to Ballerina Black for the amazing song!

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  1. You're BEYOND! Like I've said on FB and twitter already, you're adorable and chic! And just blogger of the year! Love the feel of the video (and every LEAF video for that matter). It has that 60s kinda vibe to it. Like the Beatles movies or The Monkees tv show. Like if you look away, you'll miss something really good. Do you know what I mean by those cheeky, mod, Brits? Well, it's delightful and I look forward to more and more and more!

  2. I like that you're teaching us to steal. Not once do you head over to a counter to pay for the things you're trying on. Hahaha! I kid 😉 Great post!

  3. wow, that was so good. They shot it so humorously and you were perfect in it!! Made it what it is, girl!

    i have so much catching up to do on your blog, loving every minute! congrats, congrats!


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