DIY raffia bowl

On a recent trip to our local hardware store Soph and discovered how dope rope really is.

We bought 200 feet of it (for quite a few projects – get reaaadz!) and coiled up this simple yet rustic multi-use bowl which happens to make for a great Mother’s Day gift and/or ingredient holder for Cinco De Mayo. Guacamole, anyone?

Get roped into making your very own perfect summer center piece with 5 easy steps below!

How to: DIY Raffia Bowl

You will need:
Bowl (we bought ours at the 99¢ store)
1 package of sisal rope
Glue gun

1. From the bottom of your bowl, glue down rope while continuously wrapping around the outside of the bowl. Press firmly. Continue wrapping until you’ve reached the rim of your bowl.

2. Cut off the end of rope and glue down securely.

3. Create a coil the size of the bottom of your bowl by wrapping rope around itself, glue coil together as you go. Glue coil to the inside of the bowl (do not cut off the end).

4. Using the rope at the end of your coil, glue in a wrapping formation working your way up the inside of your bowl. Once you’ve reached the top of the bowl cut off the end and glue down securely.

5. Measure a piece of rope the size of the rim of your bowl and glue to the top of bowl.

Bigger images (by request) of the steps after the jump and more of our DIY’s HERE!
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Photos: because im addicted for stylehive in collaboration with Sophie Monet

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  1. So cute! And I bet you could get really funky with the rope you use, maybe a fun neon stripey one with rock climbing cable!

  2. how do you keep the rope being glued to the bowl? I tried the same method glueing around a wine bottle and had to remove the bottle after a few rounds because I kept glueing the rope to the bottle and it would have been impossible to remove it later…

  3. After coiling up the outside of the bowl step 4 sounds like you are supposed to coil up the inside of the bowl. Am I reading it wrong?

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