pamela love x nine west

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Not mad at this Pamela Love for Nine West collection.  Not mad one bit.  

P. Love poured her special sauce on Nine West by taking inspiration from the grungy clothes worn by Royal Trux rocker by the grungy clothes worn by Royal Trux rocker Jennifer Herrema; the classic motorcycle boots made by Harley Davidson and Yves Saint Laurent; and the raffish hippie look, as seen in movies like “Easy Rider” and “Midnight Cowboy.”  The results? Desert-moto-urban-cowgirl booties that come in three shades: brown, black, and brick complete with tarnished metal tips.

The Pamela Love for Nine West booties are available here.

p.s. have you taken a peek into her design studio (here) and brooklyn abode (here)? i love how “her” everything she touches is. from the jewelry to the boots and her working/living quarters she’s so consistent.  Photos: Studded Hearts

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