in them jeans

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I love a man in a good pair of blue jeans. And on the contrary, a man in a bad pair of jeans is just straight up bad.  

Having two brothers who don’t love to shop I’ve come to understand why so many men end up in ill-fitting indigo: they want to shop at one place and be done.  

Unfortnately that hasn’t been realistic…until now. This week I went to the opening of the men’s denim bar at Saks (at their Beverly Hills store) which is what men’s jean shopping dreams are made of.  They carry almost every brand – including all of my recommendations: A.P.C. (my absolute favorite on a slim guy – so well fitted and they wear in beautifully), Rag & Bone (perfect for the man who isn’t afraid to play with denim trends – for example these playful red numbers for Spring), RRL (always cool with a work-wear touch) and Levi’s (they fit every shape and size – plus, all of the French men in my life exclusively wear Levi’s so if they’re good enough for them, they’re good enough for  me). And to top it off the experience is complete with pool tables, a beer bar and a salon for both haircuts and a shave. 

What more can a man ask for?

A few snaps from the opening after the jump!

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Photos: GQ

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