jennifer fisher fall 2013

 photo brasscuffs_zpscb04c4a9.jpg  photo goldcluster_zps31ec5d67.jpg  photo rings_zps5543d0d4.jpg  photo metals_zps32028ba2.jpg  photo metalcuffs_zps7f1e50bc.jpg  photo metals3_zpsffa50035.jpg  
“Coco Chanel’s rule was to take one thing off, and my rule is to add one more—or five more!”  – Jennifer Fisher

Photos: Jennifer Fisher

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  1. I love all these pieces, even though I'm not a huge jewelry fan.

    Definitely think they're a good accessory, and I definitely think people shouldn't spend more than a piece is worth. You can definitely find jewelry before it's marked up.

    Anyway, love these!


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