the best is yet to come by nina nolte

 photo NinaNolte4_zps2e5140bf.png  photo NinaNolte7_zpsb8892049.png  photo NinaNolte8_zps0fa0c3bd.png  photo NinaNolte_zps87984478.png  photo NinaNolte6_zpsc5cb805d.png  photo NinaNolte14_zpsfcb0df44.png  photo ninanoltethebestisyettocome_zpsc6e516d2.png  photo ninanoltethebestisyettocome_zps35334d5e.png  photo ninanolte_zps611e3591.png  photo NinaNolte10_zps04d17c48.png
While doing some Coachella pinning this morning I came across these beautiful vibrant paintings by Nina Nolte from her ‘The Best is yet to Come’ series.  In the series, the German artist captured glorious poolside summer days featuring pale women clad in vibrant turbans and swimwear casually smoking, drinking and wadding in the pool. 


More of Nina Nolte’s work herePhotos: NIna Nolte

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