diy: dylanlex stacked neckpiece

 photo dylanlexnecklaces_zpsfb307935.png  photo DIY1-640x480_zps97ae4cce.jpg  photo DIY2-640x480_zps59a3c2b6.jpg  photo DIY4-640x480_zps768adcfb.jpg  photo DIY5a-640x853_zpsf1dfe8ae.jpg  photo DIY5-640x480_zpsb7d39474.jpg  photo DIY6-640x480_zps864ffb39.jpg  photo DIY7-640x480_zps38e31918.jpg  photo DIY9-640x480_zps34c2f97c.jpg  photo DIY10-640x480_zps106421a6.jpg  photo diy-stacked-necklace-046-640x795_zpsaa35c9e0.jpg
When I came across ‘Me and Lex‘ I lost my mind. They make the most incredible necklaces I’ve ever seen. Ever!!

I searched high and low to buy one but it turns out they don’t sell them (seriously hope that changes) so I attempted make my own which didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  Luckily for of us ‘A Pair And A Spare‘ teamed up with Drew from the duo to show us how they really build their insanity.

Consider me officially overjoyed and consider my necklaces forever cut up.

Full instructions right this way.

THANK YOU, Geneva!!!

Photos: A Pair And A Spare

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  1. This is great, thanks! I looked all over for them as well, and couldn't believe they didn't sell them.

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