how to: mix and match art wall {video + gray malin giveaway}

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It’s safe to say that we’ve all been obsessing over well done walls of mixed and matched frames, art and photography for quite a while now (thank you, Pinterest!).

But beside randomly hanging, how does one actually craft one of these seemingly effortless walls themselves?  I was curious too so I tapped the expertise of aerial photographer Gray Malin. Together we made a LEAF video on the project and it turns out, it’s more logical than I thought!

Watch the video to learn how to create your own beautiful mix and match art wall in just 3 easy steps.

How to: Mix & Match Art Wall

– Pick your favorite framed art
– Mixing sizes & shapes, place onto butcher paper and cut out frame shapes
– Carefully mark hanging brackets with a pen

– Using tape, try out different arrangements with your frame cut outs
– Tip: Lowest art should be 6-8 inches above any furniture
– Finalize what looks best, making sure everything is level!

3. HANG!
– Hammer nails over pre-markers
– Tip: Use hooks for heavier frames
– Pull off butcher paper
– Hang frames, level off

AND in honor of our collaboration, Gray was kind enough to offer a giveaway (isn’t he the best?). The details:

GIVING AWAY: One 12″x18″ signed Gray Malin Coogee Beach photo  (retail value of $250)

HOW TO ENTER:  Follow him on Instagram @GrayMalin (you should follow me @gerihirsch, too!) and leave a comment here so we know you entered



For more of Gray Malin’s artwork visit Maison Gray (available for purchase here).

More seriously good mix and match art wall inspiration after the jump!

 photo mixandmatchwallart10_zps15130e35.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart2_zpsbe7db6e2.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart23_zps73df8e7e.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart4_zps306dd5f7.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart29_zpsc670c376.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart19_zpsff12be20.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart5_zps77f2973b.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart6_zps507814e5.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart11_zps57407a75.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart15_zps20e3ff71.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart14_zps410eca91.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart13_zps223ef5b2.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart21_zps5474a923.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart20_zps7ee5565f.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart18_zps13d439ab.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart17_zpse20537c1.jpg  photo mixandmatchwallart12_zps84c4f042.jpg
Photos: Pinterest

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  1. This was so helpful! I have just started to collect art and I had no idea how to go about hanging it all.

    Followed Gray (already follow you, duh). Entering!

  2. Followed both of you on IG (as @gingy292).
    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!! I LOOOOOVE gray malin prints and I've wanted one for a while, but could NEVER afford one! Would be absolutely thrilled to win one!!

  3. following you both now. can't believe i wasn't already! wow! beautiful photographs. i'm in love with the coogee beach photo! it would look divine in my living room.

  4. Followed both of you on instagram (@kkosko55). So happy I discovered your blog…it is wonderful. Also thanks for introducing me to Gray Malin. Love the photography. That photo would look divine in my living room!

  5. Following both on the IG (@gidgetgoeswest)

    This killer tutorial is just about to up my framed art collage game! Gray Malin is indeed the best.

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