DIY: The Ombre Rose Arrangement

Ombre Floral Arrangment 2 Ombre Floral Arrangment 3 Ombre Floral Arrangment
I’m totally that girl who always talks about signing up for a floral arranging class but somehow never makes it. So, I was ecstatic when DOMAINE and my company, LEAFtv, decided to collaborate on a little floral arranging school video series featuring the lovely Maurice from Bloom & Plume.

In the series, we shot three arrangements that are all very different but all so gorgeous! First up, this beautiful ‘Ombre Rose Arrangement’. Shockingly easy, I’ve literally made this arrangement every single week (here’s a baby version that I posted on instagram) since we shot the video and it’s such a hit with everyone that comes over.

Hope you enjoy the video and put this technique to good use.

DIY: The Ombre Rose Arrangement

You will need:
-Roses or flowers of your choice in varying  colors (we used 9 bunches of spray roses in this arrangement – three bunches of magenta, three bunches of hot pink, and a three bunches of blush)

1. Peel leaves (no leafy greens in the water will keep your arrangement lasting longer).
2. Cut all roses at the same length, stems should hit the corner of the vase when you lean them in diagonally.
3. Starting with the darkest roses, create your first row.
4. Continue next level with lighter color roses. Be sure to constantly turn your arrangement to watch it’s shape.
5. Add dimension by inserting another row of dark roses in the center.

BEAUTIFUL! This will last 7-10 days.

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  1. Love, love, love! You’ll laugh, but I’ve always wondered how this was done. And now I know. Off to Costco for some reasonably priced roses! (Seriously! The quality is actually very good and they are about $16/dozen.)

  2. My roses never look as good as this – that’s because I’ve been cutting them to the wrong length… Such a helpful video and LOVE the ombre idea – it looks so pretty, but in a very subtle, chic way!

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