an easy formula for holiday dressing

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November officially kicks off the holiday season which means every store is filled with Christmas spirit and our inbox’s with party invites. So, what does one wear to all of these holiday parties? I teamed up with Bloomingdale’s and WhoWhatWear to help answer that question with my go-to holiday dressing formula:

Pretty dress +  a cool piece of outerwear + shoes that can be dressed up or down = versatile for most dress codes

Exhibit A: This Theysken’s Theory dress is made of lux silk and cut perfectly for a fancier party but if you throw on a moto it adds an edgy and casual touch.

Exhibit B: The next AllSaints sequin dress (after the jump) which is perfect for NYE shines bright like a diamond and adding something like this strong Helmut Lang jacket takes it down a few notches and adds just the right amount of sophistication.

What’s your go-to strategy for holiday dressing?

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  1. Very pretty, although what do you do about a bra with the first dress? Also, no credit for the photographer? I didn’t see one and that doesn’t seem fair.

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