Isabel Marant Pour H&M 4 Ways

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Guys, I was selected as an ambassador for the Isabel Marant Pour H&M collection launch! How exciting is that?

As an Isabel Marant Pour H&M ambassador, I’m part of a 10-day countdown in which ten of us were given early access to the collection to create fun content around. I’m day two and decided to make this ‘Isabel Marant Pour H&M 4 Ways’ LEAFtv video in which I style and wear the collection in, well, 4 ways. Hope you love the vid (and my dancing skills).

A special thank you to KCD and H&M for including me!

Don’t forget – the collection comes out in eight days on Nov 14th both online and in store – mark your calendars!

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  1. Are those fantastic sequin pants Isabel Marant or yours? Basically – where are they from and how do I get them??? Thanks

  2. Very cute presentation;-)
    Just a practical question: Can I ask you what size you were wearing? 36, 38?
    Usually H&M fits much bigger but how is it this time?

  3. This is by far the best I’ve seen on the whole internet about Marant pour H&M!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! You are awesome!!!! Like your outfits and bought lots of pieces from the collection by myself. I ignored the queue, I just called the customer service and ordered there without any queue. So I got ALL I wanted, lucky me! 🙂 regards from Germany

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