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Not sure about you but I always feel a bit guilty about the amount of money and paper we waste when it comes to gift giving.ย  This year I’m trying to be more responsible by wrapping and adorning with items that I already have around the house. The results? Pretty cute and guilt free! Plus, it’s been a fun exercise of creativity and resourcefulness.

For this particular gift, I used butcher paper from the florist, small branches and herbs from outside and a variety of ribbons/twine/string that I’ve accumulated over the years. For alternatives, newspaper, shopping bags, clips from magazine, fresh flowers, pine-cones and anything else you’re feeling inspired by are all great options.

Afterall,ย #thenextstep in gift giving is to wrap responsibly!

Full instructions and pics for the present pictured above after the jump!

For this particular sustainable gift wrapping you will need:
-Gift (I’m wrapping a cozy pair ofย  UGG Ansley slippers that I almost kept for myself)
-Brown butcher paper
-One color ribbon
-Two colors of rustic twine
-One color of bright string
-Hang tags
-Laundry pin
-Fresh herbs or branches

How to:
1. Wrap box in brown butcher paper.
2. Measure ribbon and twine two passes length wise and two passes width wise, cut.
3. Wrap ribbon and twine, length wise and twist, come around the top and tie a knot.
4. Wrap fresh herbs or branches with twine and bright string. Tie to the knot of the present and trim remaining ends.
5. Using a wash pin, attach hang tag card to present.


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This post is a collaboration Creative Council by UGG Australia

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  1. I always keep the beautiful gift wrapping to wrap smaller presents (like when I buy a stunning lipstick for a friend) or to make gift tags or little envellopes. I love how you mix twine and ribbon, very inspiring !

  2. And I thought I was just reusing things around my house to save money!! Now, I learn I have become a Sustainable wrapper by reusing!!!

  3. I think it is very beautiful paper to wrap things and very environmentally friendly, we can according to their own needs to a variety of good-looking style of paper folding, it will not be wasted, really good

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