2 Alternatives To Ombré Hair To Try Now

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If you’re looking to brighten up your hair this summer but have fallen tired of your usual ombré (depth at the roots that gradually goes into lighter tips) here are two alternatives to freshen things up:

1. Balayage: Balayage is a French word meaning scanning or sweeping and is a technique that was developed in France in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques and creates natural, sun kissed highlights.

2. Sombré : Meaning subtle ombré is a newer version that is a “softer” ombré. It looks more natural as the gradation of color is not as extreme.

Two of my personal favorite colorists for this are George Papanikolas at Andy LeCompte or Lorri Goddard at Rossano Ferretti (fun fact: she colors the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). They’re both LA based but George regularly travels to NY and Dubai for appointments.

What other hair trends are you excited for this spring/summer?

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Photos: 2 Alternatives To Ombré Hair // Gertrud Hegelund by Jonas Bie for Eurowoman April 2014 via VO

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  1. Absolutely love this! I was rocking the ombré for 6 months, then got highlights, then went dark and now chopped it all off for a fresh start… did it by myself, which turned out being, not the best of ideas, cause I kind of cut bangs (by misstake) and it’s not very balanced^^ haha… yolo? one lucky thing is that I’m a curly girl so it’s not that noticable, except the bangs that tend to go a bit crazy. haha Can’t wait for it to grow out again! x S.


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