How To Be A Better Packer

Packing Tips The saying goes: ‘People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!’ and nothing reflects this more than you’re approach to packing.  I teamed up with FOAM Magazine (on stands now!)  to get the perfect pack for your weekend beach getaway and of course, there’s a LEAF video for it.

7 Tips To Packing For Your Weekend Beach Get-Away:

1. Make a packing list: organization is key!
2. Pick a color scheme: we chose brights & neutrals.
3. The shoe game: pick a sandal that translates from shopping to dinner, beach to lunch and a sneaker for adventure or a workout.
4. Bags: A beach bag (doubles for shopping), clutch (day-to-night), and a lingerie bag (to separate new from old).
5. Toiletries: Pack 3 oz or less containers in a clear pouch.
6. Space Savers: Roll your jeans, socks in shoes, jewels in your clutch.
7. Get Active: Don’t forget your bathing suit and workout gear!
BONUS TIP: Wear your hat and scarf on the plane so that you stay warm on the flight and your hat doesn’t get crushed in your bag.

What are your best packing tips? Would love to hear them!

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  1. My packing tips would be to save space as you said, but as opposed to only rolling jeans, roll everything! My counselor taught me this on a trip to Europe as she saw the mess I had in my suitcase and it’s saved me so much space. I’m able to take 3 pairs of shoes and hair straighteners and cosmetic bags, hair products, toiletries, and whatever necessary for the trip.

  2. Also, having things assessable as you need them upon arrival -pp bras/socks in one compartment, shoes in the open part of the luggage, etch etc. That way if you have a one night stay, you don’t necessary need to totally unpack.

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