How To Refurbish Furniture in 10 Steps

Side Table Makeover In 10 Steps Side Table Makeover In 10 Steps Side Table Makeover In 10 Steps Side Table Makeover In 10 Steps
I’ve always been in awe of people who could find a beat up piece of furniture and turn it into something really great. One of which is my insanely talented girlfriend, Sayre Ziskin aka SVZ Interior Design.

In honor of Earth Day, we teamed to make a LEAF video about renewing and reusing furniture by taking a sad little beat up side table and making it anew.  The results knocked my socks off!

Watch the video to learn how to do it yourself in just 10 steps. Hope you enjoy!

DIY: Refurbish Furniture

1. Pick a price of furniture that’s still in-tact that needs some TLC.
2. With a mouse sander, make circular motions on wide surfaces & straight swipes on small surfaces. For ornate details, change the sander head!.
3. Check your work, then wipe with a damp cloth.
4. Apply a coat of primer & allow to dry completely.
5. Apply 2 coats of a base color (we chose Tangerine Dream).
6. Paint the trim with 2 coats of gold leaf color.
7. Tape off the top to create a pattern.
8. Paint over the tape with the same base color l to seal and let dry.
9. Apply 2-3 coats of white over the taped pattern and let the paint to completely dry.
10. Peel tape & touch up with a small angled brush.

Thank you, SVZ!

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  1. Lovely indeed! I would’ve peel the tape with the paint wet (and likely ruin the design), its what I do with nailpolish! Hehe.
    Theres this old magazine that shows how to renew a little table by glueing a rope in it with circular-like shapes and then adding coloured thin paper (that one stores wrap new clothes on) all around. I always wanted to do that, you video was the kick I needed! 🙂

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