3 Easy Outfits To Wear All Weekend

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We spend all week stressed out so when it comes to Saturdays and Sundays the last thing we need is stress over what to wear.

Here are 3 easy outfits to wear all weekend long, fuss free, inspired by three of my favorites:

1. Alexa Chung: button up + jeans shorts + killer oversize shades + ballet flats

2. Olivia Palermo: easy breezy little white dress (Olivia’s wearing the Aimee by Heartloom avail here) + funky bag + comfy flats +  playful clear sunnies

3. Miranda Kerr: Baggy white tank + a hint of sexy triangle bra (I love this one) + black skinnies + really good basic accessories

Wishing everyone a great and stress free weekend! xx

Photos: WhoWhatWear & HB

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  1. Very pretty outfits, too bad they’re totally unwerable in the israeli summer. It’s so hot, that even the thought of wearing long pants or a long shirt, makes me sweat. 🙁

  2. Love the outfits very much. Could you please put something together for older ladies (60+ onwards). We spend a lot of time with our grandies in summer! Thanks.

  3. Since you asked:

    1. The shorts outfit is kind of boring.
    2. The dress is fabulous.
    3. Black bra highly visible under white T-shirt? Looks trashy.

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