Liquor Bottle Labels Photoshopped to Tell the Hilarious Truth

This hilarious collection of digital creations from features phrases created in the style and design of the original liquor bottle labels, but with messages of the brutally honest truth about what you are in for if you drink too much. Hey, we’ve all been there!

According to the project, tequila will have you dancing on the tables, too much Jack Daniels will have you texting your ex, and indulging in Jägermeister will lead to the unpleasant experience of vomit everywhere. With the not-so-pleasant warnings placed right there on the bottle, the funny series is a reminder that we should always “know when to say when!”

4 more after the jump!

Photos: My Modern Met

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  1. These are hilarious! I think it’s a great way to tell people the effects that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will have.
    Thankyou for bring this to our attention.

    – xx

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