11 Of The Best Celebrity Mid-Length Haircuts

Mid-length Hair Mid-length Hair mid length hair While I absolutely loved my bob which turned into a lob (long bob), today I went in for a mid-length cut.

Hitting anywhere between your clavicle and a smidgen above your chest, mid-length is the perfect compromise for a girl who feels sexy with some length but enjoys the liberation of a shorter low-maintenance do.

Prior to my haircut, I spent time researching mid-length references and found inspiration in everyone from Kate Moss to Emma Stone and Olivia Palermo.

Here are 11 of the best celebrity mid-lengths haircuts.

p.s. if you’re looking for great long bob references here are 11 of the best celebrity lobs

p.s.s. i love the way my cut turned out! will post to instagram later today.

mid length hair mid-length-hairstyle-ideas-2014-erin-wasson-1052186_H002117_XL Mid-length Hair Midlength Hair 6
Mid-length Hair     Rose-Byrnes-medim-hair-medium-hairstyles     Mid-length Hair Medium+Length+Hair+Jessica+Alba

Plus three non-celeb really good mid-length references:
Mid-length Hair Mid-length Hair Mid-length Hair
Photos: Pinterest

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  1. Very pretty! I, however, am absolutely wedded to my long hair, and I intend to die with it. (Just not any time soon, I hope.) I have no problem changing the color, but never the length. I will part with an inch about 2x/year, but that’s it. I take a ruler with me to the hairdresser’s just to make sure. She’s used to it by now and we both have a good laugh over my obsession. But she knows the rule: one inch and not a millimeter more.

    And yes, I’m over 40.

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