Man Repeller x Être Cécile T-Shirt Collab

Etre-Cecile-3B4A4997 Etre-Cecile-3B4A4982 Etre-Cecile-3B4A4937
Repousse Mec (French for Man Repeller).

Boob Pocket.

Am I French Yet?

These are the slogans that grace the tongue in cheek Man Repeller x Etre Cecile t-shirt collaboration. Aren’t they great?

My personal favorite has got to be the tank version of “Am I French Yet?”

You can shop them here.

Etre-Cecile-3B4A4959 Etre-Cecile-3B4A5201     Etre-Cecile-3B4A5013-1 Etre-Cecile-3B4A4920
Photos: Man Repeller

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