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Wedding planning can be tremendously overwhelming. There are so many things to do and the learning curve can be steep especially when it comes to things like registering. What does one actually need for their kitchen? How many place settings? Is China necessary? What’s the best way to register?

I found myself in that overwhelmed position a few months ago and spent quite a few days really finding out all of the answers. I’ve put all my research together and created my ultimate kitchen registry on Blueprint Registry, a company who has completely reinvented the wedding registry system by doing it room by room.

I hope this guide helps make registering a little easier to navigate and less stressful. Please note that my registry guide assumes that you are going to cook and experiment in the kitchen and it’s meant to ensure that you have everything you need including pretty things like serving platters and China. It’s a lot but only take from this what you think you will use over the next decade. You can scroll through the guide here on Blueprint and/or read the detailed list:

1. Pots, pans, etc.: A Stainless-Steel Cookware set to include 8″ and 10″ fry pans, 2-qt. and 4-qt. saucepans with lids, 4-qt. sauté pan with lid. 8-qt. stockpot with lid (I like All Clad), 2 nonstick frying pans in the sizes you’d use most (I like 8″ and 12″), 6 qt essential pan (optional), dutch oven, cast iron fry pan, cast iron grill pan, pizza stone, griddle.

2. Knives: 9 piece knife block set, kitchen shears, chefs knife, pairing knife, knife sharpener and a mandoline.

3. Electronics: Blender (I vote Vitamix), food processor (Cuisinart all the way), mini prep, KitchenAid stand mixer (with the attachments you want), hand mixer, blender stick, toaster oven, espresso machine (or coffee maker but I vote espresso), a juicer (optional).

4. Dinnerware everyday and china: Everyday plates: 12 dinner plates, 24 salad/dessert plates, 12 cup and saucers, 12-24  appetizer plates, 12 soup/pasta bowls, 8-12 cereal bowls, 12-24  bread and butter plates, 12 coffee cups. China: 12 dinner plates, 12 bread plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 tea cups and saucers, 12 silverware place settings.

5. Glassware: 12 water glasses, 12 tumblers, 12 champagne flutes, 12 red wineglasses, 12 white wine glasses, 12 double old-fashioned, 12 highballs, 12 martini glasses, 6 cognac glasses, 8 shot glasses, 12 beer mugs (optional).

6. Bar essentials (not including glassware – see above): ice tongs, wine opener, wine bucket,  cocktail shaker, bar tools, coasters, 2 decantors, 2 carafes.

7. Baking: rolling pin, muffin tin, cookie sheet, 9″ cake pans and a cooling rack.

8. Serving: Oval platter, rectangular cake platter, round cake platter, 3 size salad bowls, 2 large serving bowls, 2 deep serving bowls, 2 large serving platters, chip and dip, cocktail servers, sugar bowl, creamer.

9. Odds and ends: Kitchen tool set (locking tongs, small nylon spoon and slotted spoon, nylon flexible turner, swivel peeler, soft-handled can opener, ice cream scoop, grater, pizza wheel and a utensil holder.), stacking bowls, measuring cups, measuring,  spoons, set of serving utensils, set of colanders, salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards (one wood and a few plastic), trivets, microplane, GlassLock food storage, splatter screen, lemon juicer, an electric and/or stove top tea kettle, a few great cookbooks (I love all the Plenty boobks).

I know this is a lot but it’s meant to be comprehensive so don’t get overwhelmed.

I hope you find this guide helpful and don’t forget to check out Blueprint Registry – it’s such a great way to register!


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