4 Easy Steps to Hide Dark Undereye Circles

4 Easy Steps to Erase Dark Undereye Circles 4 Easy Steps to Erase Dark Undereye Circles
Dark circles, we all get them, but how can we hide them?  Here are four great tips from Aussie makeup master Napolen Perdis:

Step 1:  Dot a luminous primer along your orbital bone. “This will give the concealer something to adhere to,” Napoleon says.

Step 2:  Create a “Hollywood V”: yellow-tone concealer on cheekbones and a peachy one below each eye. Blend together.

Step 3:  For “major brightness,” cover lower lash line (including inner rim) with white gel liner, then blend with a brush.

Step 4:  Brush mascara through upper and lower lashes. “Use the mascara to cover traces of the white gel liner.”

Source & photos: ELLE

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    1. Jane Iredale makes a cream concealer (“Circle Delete”) that comes in two different shades that you’re supposed to blend with a brush in whatever proportions you need to match your skin tone. The #2 shade combo that I use is just exactly these two shades. Pretty good stuff.

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