OuiPlease OuiPlease OuiPlease
If you’re looking for a fun new package to hit your doorstep every month or for a fun gift for a girlfriend let me introduce you to, OuiPlease.

Founded by Parisian-born Jessica Barouche, OuiPlease is a luxury parcel membership for women, delivering France’s finest in apparel, beauty, jewelry, accessories, home and epicure. Carefully curated by Barouche and her team of French researches and influencers, the special delivery brings the best of France’s undiscovered premium products to you. OuiPlease is essentially “France At Your Doorstep.”

I recently got a package myself and it was divine!

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  1. I’m currently subscribed to My Little Box and I am thinking about changing it up after being disappointed with there box last month. I might give it ago. What are the products like? x

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