5 Ways To Incorporate Scent Decor Into Your Home + A Giveaway!

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One of the most important elements to an inviting home is something that you can’t even see. Your house has got to look good, feel good and smell good.

Enter: Scent Décor by Unstopables which is available at one of my favorite shops, Maison 24.

The owners of Maison 24, Louis Marra and Allison Julius, are well known for offering a wide array of unique products from artists and designers so when they started carrying Unstopables I knew I had to give it a try. As it turns out, Unstopables is a new, chic collection of home and fabric care products with sophisticated, long-lasting scents that elevate the smell and ultimately the feel of your home. Featuring a fabric refresher, air refresher, scented oil warmer, candle and in-wash scent booster beads, Unstopables helps build your signature style scent in every single room of your home.

So how exactly can you elevate the Scent Décor in your home with these new wonderful products? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Keep your living areas fresh by simply spraying a couple of dashes of Unstopables Air Refresher in each room to create an inviting environment.
  2. Up your laundry game by adding Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster to your next load of linens or towels to keep them smelling fresh for up to 12 weeks out of storage.
  3. Keep your fabrics fresher for up to 7 days by spraying your bedroom linens and curtains with Unstopables Fabric Refresher – your bedroom will thank you!
  4. Create a relaxing mood by simply lighting an Unstopables candle just about anywhere.
  5. Create an overall experience simply by plugging in Unstopables Scented Oil Warmer with the scent of your choice.  Get your home smelling gorge without even being there.

Want to try the products yourself? I’m giving away 10 Unstopables product suites and Maison 24 gift card. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment here sharing your favorite home scent and be sure to leave provide your email address so I can contact you to let you know you won.


  1. Follow Unstopables on either FB or Twitter.

You can also find Maison 24 or FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Home scents are so good. The second you step into a room and if it smells good, specially your home, is wonderful. Another advantage is that they are like accessories. My favorite home scents are mild vanilla and fruits.

  2. depends…if it is just me and the hubs i prefer something with a hint of amber or vanilla. however, if i am having guests stay i like a clean linen or lavender scent.

  3. I love vanilla because it reminds me of cookies and cakes hahaha but fruity strawberry is lovely for a fresher day!

  4. I would love to try this product! I like clean or some of the fruity scents just not too strong. Thanks for this giveaway and good luck to everyone (especially me lol)

  5. I woud love to win this,i love the scent of summer and spring in my home :)) I do follow on fb and instagram 🙂 Have a nice monday

  6. My favorite scent for home is lavender and spruce essential oils – I place oil on lamps and toilet paper in bathroom.

    Would love to try these new products

  7. I recently bought an “Apple Flower” candle from B&BW and wow, it fills the room with such a warm and inviting smell.

  8. My dog is an indoor only dog, so our living gets pretty smelly because of him. I should invest in some scented air fresheners and oil warmer like the kind you have here. Combining them with a matching scented fabric soften is such a good idea! That way you can really build up nice smells in your house.

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