Expert Tips For Integrating Retinol Into Your Beauty Routine

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Retinol minimize the appearance of wrinkles, bolsters skin thickness and elasticity, slows the breakdown of collagen (which helps keep skin firm), and lightens brown spots caused by sun exposure.

Miracle? Yes! But it’s a well-known fact that the process of starting Retin-A or a Retinol is NOT an easy one.

Luckily for us, Bridget Helene from ‘…And I Was Like….‘ has done lots of experimenting with the product and while she was beyond dry, blotchy and pink in the begging, she figured out how to integrate Retinol into her beauty routine without looking like a total crazy person and she was kind enough to share it with my readers. So, without further ado, here are her tips in her own words:

First two weeks:

-EVERY OTHER DAY, AT NIGHT: Start with clean/DRY SKIN (you want a normal PH balance) and apply a thin layer (pea sized amount) Skin Laundry Retinol 0.02%. Next, add a layer of Ling Dual Moisture Emulsion (you will love this super, hydrating serum!!). Followed by a healthy layer of my new favorite moisturizer IS Clinical moisturizing complex. I am literally the driest person ever and this product blew my mind. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Lastly, eye cream. Right now I am using Khiels.

IN THE MORNING: After you wash, use Skin Laundry Toner, Ling Dual Mositure EmulsionIS Clinical moisture complexeye cream and SPF.

– IN BETWEEN DAYS: Skip the Retinol and apply your first serum to a wet face.

After the first two weeks, I stepped up my game and replaced the Skin Laundry 0.02% Rentinol with Skin Ceuticals 0.05%, which sounds ridiculous, but trust me… it’s a big step and just like that  you are a monster again. To help ease the pain you can mix the Retinol with the Lotion before applying.

To appear somewhat presentable during all of this you need to use products to exfoliate the dead skin that the Retinol is creating, but you don’t want to use anything too harsh (products with glycolic, etc.) during your adjustment period. I like using Ling Rescue Peel once or twice a week (good before you go somewhere and need to put makeup on). To use it you put a layer on your skin and rub it in circles it then grabs the dead skin, which then appears in little balls in your hand. It sounds much more disqusting than it actually is. I also used this enzyme mask, a Clarisonic once a week and I know I will get a lot of shit for this because I know it can be a bit drying, but I used the Freeman’s Peel off-mask, combined with the IS Cream I was ok.

After 4 weeks of using the Skin Ceuticals (first two weeks mixing it with the SI lotion, the second applying it directly, 6 weeks of Retinol total) I am starting to see results. I am still dry, but some days my skin looks super tight and glowy… almost glass like. Basically it really sucked but I pushed through and so far it seems as though it is going to be worth it. And I was like….get involved!

For more of Bridget’s beauty secrets and seriously good outfits be sure to check out her blog HERE.

Photos: And I Was Like

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