The Importance of A Well Stacked Wrist At Coachella

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Your wrist is the key to Coachella weekend. It houses every single wristband you will need which gives you access to anywhere you’re going.  On your wrist is your actual ticket itself, proof of your age and passes to any parties you may be attending so therefore swagging out your arm with a few bracelets and a really good watch is a must!

This year I wore Smile Q&Q watches because they’re solar-powered, durable and the cool color combinations are so Coachella! They were the perfect final touch.

On day two I wore a white Smile Q&Q watch to match my crisp white top and on day three I rocked a patterned black and white so that it blended in with all of the other wrist action.  They’re pretty dope, right?  You can actually shop their watches directly from Instagram. Check it out here.

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