PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-06 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-11 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-05

PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-01 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-02 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-03 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-04    PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-07 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-08 PORTER-Magazine-9-Andreea-Diaconu-by-Cass-Bird-09
Photos: Andreea Diaconu by Cass Bird for Porter Magazine #9 Summer Escape 2015 via VO

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  1. That infinity pool is just incredible! Where was this shot? It’s beautiful. I’m so happy that it’s time to buy swimwear again. I can’t wait for summer. These are some of my favorites for this summer:

    I’m in love with Mikoh swimwear right now. I just got their Maui suit in and it is my new favorite!!

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