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Final Image_Becasue I'm Addicted[1][1]
It was January of 2006 and I was 5 months into my first full time job when I discovered a blog for the first time. Intrigued by the idea, I clicked on ‘Create Your Own,’ haphazardly typed in ‘because I’m addicted’ in the name box and boom! I too, now had a blog. I wasn’t sure what I’d actually post about or who on earth would read it but I knew that this little secret project of mine was something that would help pass the time as I sat in my cubicle feeling tortured.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and before I knew it I had figured out the html basics and seeded my blog with pages of content.  Feeling like I had found my blogging stride, I shared the URL on Facebook (there was no Twitter yet) and sent it out to family and friends. I received all sorts of responses, mostly people asking me what a blog was, and installed analytics to see if it resonated.

I kept with it every single day, periodically checking in on those analytics, which to my surprise had a steady incline. I would screen shot the map if I had more than 10 visitors and would send my mom emails with the screen shots saying, “look ma, I have a reader in London!”

I’ll never forget the day that I received an email from an editor at Lucky Magazine asking if I was available for a photo shoot. A photoshoot! Of me! For Lucky! About my blog! After the excitement settled I got a little nervous – what if my boss saw it and knew I was spending some of my time working on this little side project? My roommate convinced me that my male boss was definitely not reading Lucky in his spare time so I said I had a doctor’s appointment and went! From the day that issue hit stands, I began taking my hobby much more seriously and as they say, the rest is history. Press, sponsorships, a clothing line, you name it – I’ve done it. I’ve also raised capital for my other Internet business, LEAFtv, which we launched off my blog.   It’s been an incredible wild ride and it never would have happened if I didn’t click on that ‘Create Your Own’ button. Needless to say, I’m so happy I did and blogging is near and dear to my heart.

Starting a blog now a days is very different. It’s become an actual career, like any great job, there is a lot of competition! There are millions of bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Vine stars, etc. and breaking through the noise isn’t as easy as it was for me. That’s why I want to help! I’ve partnered with H&M and Bloglovin to help find and mentor one lucky blogger for a chance to become the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year at the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards!

If you are selected you will win:

  • Round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for your one-on-one mentorship with me
  • Nomination for the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award at the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards ($500 H&M gift card if you win!)
  • Round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations to the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards during New York Fashion Week in September
  • Plenty of gifted H&M product (even pieces from the EXCLUSIVE H&M Studio AW’15 collection!)

Entering is easy and FUN! Here’s how:

Style your H&M look (old or new!) and post it to your blog or Instagram. To submit it you can either leave the link in the comment section of this post, send the link to or enter through Instagram by tagging me (@gerihirsch) and be sure to hashtag #BloglovinHMAwards (you can do all three of these if you like). I’m looking for someone who stands out – that may because of your writing skills, killer style, humor, etc. – so just be the best version of you and shine! Good luck!

To see additional challenges and for more chances to win, visit Something Navy and The Haute Pursuit!

No purchase necessary. For official contest rules, click here.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity! I couldn’t pass it up! The H&M outfit I chose is linked below! I chose this outfit because it exemplifies my feminine style from the florals, to the pastels, and the girly skirt!

    Michelle ||

  2. Wow this is such an amazing opportunity! My look is in the link below, It is the second look, with the H&M skirt. I am a super baby blogger, 2 months in haha, so this would be great for me. I don’t actually qualify for the contest since I don’t live in the U.S., but it’s still fun to enter!
    xx Daniela / Fashion Shower Blog

  3. What an incredible opportunity! I look forward to entering. You are absolutely right in that the entire blogging industry has changed — definitely requires thinking outside of the box to stand out in the noise! Excited to share my look!

    x Sarah

  4. I just happened to stumble upon this page here and also just happened to post one of my favorite looks with a great H&M bag just today! While I am fairly new to the blogging world, everything that has happened recently has been a beautiful gift. Meeting new people online, discovering a generous community of women around the world. This opportunity would definitely be such a gift and more than anything fun and certainly fashionable!

    Excited to enter! Thank you for making this happen!
    xoxo, Jessica

  5. Hi!

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity! Your blog has served as an inspiration for my own creative space, as you have somehow (brilliantly) tackled the feat of creating a true lifestyle brand. I began my blog on a whim as I was entering my first year of law school, fearing that I would lose every ounce of creativity (and succumb to pantsuits) if I didn’t do something drastic. Thus, The Relevance Report was born. It’s been two years and I couldn’t be more proud of my little corner of the Internet.

    Here is the link to my H&M look, detailing the woes of styling the jean short:

    Thanks again!
    x Britt

  6. This was a great read – I always love hearing these sorts of success stories about blogging…because you just never know!

    Competition is steep, but blogging is a business, and business needs that sort of competition.

    Something About That

  7. Just another reason why you are so cool. I can’t wait to see who the winner is, I’m sure the winner will have a great perspective and creativity when it comes to fashion blogging. I love finding new gem’s of blogs amongst the plethora of blogs.
    What an amazing opportunity and this is really a great way to nurture and support someone who would benefit from this opportunity. Whoop!!! Whoop!!!

  8. Fantastic opportunity, are you sure you don’t want to fly me over from the UK!!? No? oh, never mind, just wanted to share my outfit too! Here’s my H&M Nineties Summer Style. These jeans have recently changed my life and given me the confidence to rock my curves.

    It’s also really nice to have a click through all the entries here in the comments and discover lots of new blogs!

  9. Although I’m not technically a fashion blogger, my very new blog is about wellness/motherhood/lifestyle (which includes fashion) and your story is inspiring. I’m a “cubicle writer,” and my blog offers me a creative outlet and escape from dullness.

  10. Hi Geri,

    You are one of the first bloggers I followed back in the days 😉 You influenced me to start my own blog in order to dialog with other people about my obsession of fashion and create new friendships. Through this amazing journey, I’ve grown into one of the top bloggers from Montreal, Canada and I adore every minute of it. Here is my look from NYFW last February! Thank you 🙂

    Katia -xxx-

  11. what an amazing opportunity! I love hearing your story – I had to quit my blog 3 years ago because of my ‘day job’ but decided to start it up again a few months ago. I really love the creative outlet and community, but blogging has changed a lot since I started the first time. Would love any advice or mentorship you can offer! Thank you!


  12. Hi Geri!
    I actually send my mom pictures of my stats haha she’s definitely my number one fan. I actually just moved to San Francisco about 5 weeks ago, I literally sold my car and came here to follow the dream of turning blogging into a full time job and this opportunity would be so amazing! On my blog, Blondaze, I styled a white on white summer inspired outfit from H&M here:

    I also entered on instagram 🙂


  13. Hi Geri, I am a fan of your work; I think your content is not only beautiful but also inspiring.

    This contest you are promoting great, though I wish I could see an opportunity for more bloggers outside the US like abroad the Americas. I live in México and I believe this country has a lot of room to improve the professionalization of the “Blogger” as a business/ company. These type of programs indeed would help in providing tools to young people out there with the will to share their word in a professional way, that also pushes the companies to believe in bloggers as part of their marketing and positioning strategies.

    I hope soon you can push these type of projects with big brands, such as H&M, to make it happen outside the US.

    Thank you! Have a nice day, Adriana.

  14. What a fantastic opportunity. I feel as though I wear at least one H&M piece in every personal style post on my blog. Here are a few.

    Goodluck to everyone in the running.

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

  15. It is always inspiring to hear about another blogger’s journey, especially someone so established as yourself Geri. It’s a great reminder that while the fashion blogging world may have changed drastically we all still start in the same place. See me H&M post with an H&M blouse and earring below. Thank you for your time and considerations.

    -Rebecca of Blogger Not Billionaire

  16. Totally wishing I live in the US!!! This is such a great opportunity. Anyway, I’d love for you to check out my blog and see what you think about it. I’ll leave a link too showcasing how I style H&M posts (even if I’m not eligible LOL) because why not right? Haha! Good luck to everyone who gets to enter. You’re all such lucky gals. x

  17. THANK YOU! Thank you for opening this contest. You are completely right that it is extremely difficult to get your blog noticed. Beth’s Laundry started as a dare from my sister. She always said that I made more costume changes during the day than a dancer in a Broadway show! I took the challenge, created my blog, and gave it a name. The pieces most featured on my blog are in my laundry hamper most often. Over the last year, my blog has become a diary: detailing important events and my most stylish outfits. Winning this contest could have the power to jumpstart my career! The most recent post is composed entirely of clothing from H&M. Thanks again!
    My blog:

  18. Wow! How exciting! I love blogging and have been really dedicated to it even when my friends and family just don’t understand it. I just so happened to have just posted a look with a gorgeous H&M dress, I hope you like it! 🙂
    My New Favorite Dress

  19. Oh Geri! What a wonderful opportunity! I loved hearing your story. So inspiring! I am blogging now since 2 years and would love to have you as a mentor! I just had to check out your blog and you are one creative women! I love your sense of style and your photographs are amazing too. You seem like a girl that I would love to hang out with and that is why I would be overjoyed for this opportunity. But no matter what: I am still so happy to have found this beautiful blog!

    You are gonna laugh but I MARRIED IN H&M! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It was 13 years ago, so it is Vintage H&M but the photos are new because I put that dress again on (because I wanted to see if it still fits lol!)

    Cheers darling, xoxo Sissi

  20. Hello Geri! Needless to say (especially since everyone else has said it for me in the comments section 😉 ) this is truly such a unique opportunity. Although I may not have been blogging for as long as other fashion bloggers, I’ve tried to express my voice and personality through my blog posts since I began my blog in January. I find that my favorite bloggers are those who express their individuality, and don’t try to fit into a mold that pop culture sometimes tries to shape women into.

    In this outfit post, I styled a H&M tank from last year with a tuxedo dress (worn as a jacket).

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, xoxo

  21. Hi Geri!

    First off, both you and your blog serve as an inspiration for many! Not a lot of people take a leap of faith in life and pursue their dreams. Thank you for you that!

    It’s been a little over a year since I launched my blog, While this may seem trivial, I equate a lot of my success and personal growth to starting my blog. I remember feeling so down about myself and where I was at in life – heartbroken and worried about being judged. But as time went on, I eventually found my voice the self-confidence to believe in myself again. It’s been a lot of work – as you know well – and a lot of sleepless nights, but I truly think there’s a lesson to be learned in doing something that scares you. Putting myself out there was really scary… at time frightening, really! And it still is sometimes! But doing so has created so many wonderful opportunities for me that I would have never dreamt of doing. I’ve worked with big brands, gone on trips and have met some cool people along the way. While I’m not a full-time blogger quite yet, I strive to be one day!

    So with that being said, here’s my submission:

    It was taken around the time I launched my blog last year. So much has changed since then – my style, my views, etc. but it means a lot to me because it signified a time where I was conquering my fear of being judged and I putting myself out there.

    Best of luck to you and to everyone else!

    Xo, Stephanie

  22. I NEED HELP to spread FINN’S story.

    a 5 month old baby boy born with a heart condition had open heart surgery in April. There were complications and he has been in the hospital ever since, please help spread Finn’s story.

    I have put together an instagram auction which will be June 25, please spread the word, visit @prayersforfinnauction or #prayersforfinn repost a photo and tag @prayersforfinnauction so that your followers will know where to go to get some awesome stuff.

    AMAZING shops have come together for FINN, now its BLOGGERS turn to spread the word about him

    Thank you xo, Michelle

  23. It is so crazy because until I read your post, I didn’t think that I knew who you and your blog were! But I have watched several of your videos on Youtube through LeafTV and have loved them! They are so professional and helpful 🙂 Reading your blog story was a lot of fun. I am impressed you simply typed in a name for your blog and just went with it! It took me forever to get my name of my blog 😛
    Anyway, thank you for holding this contest! I am glad it introduced me to your site and I look forward to coming back! Here is my link : and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

  24. I definitely agree with you on how blogging is different than before. But nonetheless, I still feel like it comes with its perks of being able to implement your own creativity and spin on fashion in today’s age. I would love this opportunity to take my blog to even greater heights. So with pleasure I am entering with my Festival Lookbook outfit! Thank you so much for a great opportunity, this is awesome!

    My link:

    Love, Karina

  25. It’s a shame I don’t live in the US but good luck for those that are entering!

  26. Hi Dear! such an amazing opportunity!
    It is not easy to be recognized on the blog community, is plenty of amazing blogs, so first of all congratulations for yours, you made an excellent job and as you see, you are a start, shining among the others…

    I cannot compare my work to other great bloggers, but you have to follow your dreams so here is my H&M post! I have to fight for what I dream and never give up!

    Thanks for that chance! Kisses from Barcelona!


  27. Hi Geri,

    What a great initiative! Why my blog stands out? I am a PLUS SIZE blogger. Size diversity, curves and a positive mindset are my main ingredients for gorgeous plus size fashion. H&M makes it happen with their Plus Collection, but occasionally even in their regular collections, like the one I am showing here.

    My recent H&M post:

    ♥ Josine –

  28. Hi Geri –

    I am so excited to enter! It would be such an honor to have you as my mentor and show me your blogging ways 🙂 I absolutely love blogging but getting your foot in the door is quite a tough task. This is such an incredible opportunity and if picked I plan to take full advantage of my winnings!

    Please see my latest HM look here #BloglovinHMAwards:–jnB7egki12MPA.DKr931NNrxjfC5Ww2Ia__g&postId=7103894066844022491&type=POST

  29. Hi Geri,

    You’ve always had impeccable style and it’s hard to believe that mega bloggers like you are taking time out to mentor baby bloggers who are trying to make it in the fashion industry. I started a blog 2 years ago and and it’s definitely a struggle. I’d love to be mentored by you!
    Here’s my entry:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity again!

    Maggie S.

  30. What a great opportunity! <3

    I am a quite new blogger and feeling like I'm still looking for my very own way to blog and share pictures. But best way to learn and find your way is keep posting!

    these two pieces from H&M are my favorites at the moment (white off sholder top and dark camel shirt/jacket):

    Big hats and tropical sunsets by Karoliina

  31. This is such a great opportunity and a wonderful way for new bloggers to get their names out there! Thanks for teaming with the other bloggers and H&M to do this! See my entry here!
    x Nora

  32. Hi Geri,

    I thought I posted here last night but looks like it didn’t go through.

    I’m so excited for the opportunity and here’s my entry!


    Thanks so much and hope you enjoy!

    Ellen Wright

  33. I love hearing what made people start their blogs! I become interested in fashion after reading a teen series (The Mediator) when I was 13 in which the main character always gushes about her killer designer pieces, scored at half price, of course (she also talks to ghosts, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). 10 years later I finally started my own blog! And I just finished rereading that book series for the 12th time.. 🙂

    For my H&M look I styled two pieces that are currently on sale- a polka dot top and retro inspired high waisted shorts!

  34. Great post and such a wonderful opportunity and possibility for us bloggers! For my submission, I styled an all denim look (which, I am seriously addicted too)! And, I think you’ll find my writing comedic and the images in my post unique. Here is my blog post featuring denim from H&M, it is post two of my H&M styling series: My Unique Styling Twist on Denim at>UniqFashion Blog.

  35. Hi Geri! I entered earlier in the week with a couple of my blog posts, but I had forgotten that the post I was planning for this week featured my favorite H&M outfit ever! Hopefully I can still enter the contest with this blog post, and if I can only submit one blog post as an entry could it be this one please? Haha sorry for the long explanation, but ah thank you again for this amazing opportunity!! 🙂 Here’s my entry:

  36. Hi Geri, thank you so much for co-hosting this wonderful contest. I am very green to this blogger-sphere and it can be overwhelming when I see all the other wonderful blogs out there. The mentor opportunity would be so helpful to a fresh blogger like myself and I appreciate your consideration.

    Here is the link to my entry for the Bloglovin contest:

    ~ Sincerely, Sheree

    1. This is my second look for the entry. Thank you again for this opportunity and your consideration.

      Look #2:


  37. Right now my blog is focused on fashion and street style and would love to incorporate more beauty and interior design topics. This mentorship would be an amazing opportunity. Hope you consider me!
    Jacqueline Jarboe

  38. This is such an awesome opportunity! I am a brand new blogger, whose dedicated to my site. I want to hear all the advice I can get which is why I would LOVE to meet with you and here all the great tips you could share with me! My blog is based around clothing that is credit card friendly to all, so this contest is right down my alley. Here is the look I created! xo

  39. Hello!

    This sounds good idea and tips and hints would be always useful!
    Finally in the beginning of this year I had a courage to start my own blog. I have been following diligently every day certain blogs and in the end of the last year I got this feeling now or never I have to start it my own.

    I would be very flattered if you would visit my blog, here the blog post for this competition:


  40. Really excited about this opportunity! Hoping this will kickstart my up and coming blog!

    Outfit #1 – H&M black textured pencil skirt, Zara striped top, Barbara Bui heels

    Outfit #2 – H&M black textured pencil skirt, Zara white crop top, Sam Edelman leopard print heels

    Outfit #3 – H&M highwaist wide bottom jeans, Free People top, Aldo wedges

  41. Really excited about this opportunity!!!! Hoping this will kickstart my up and coming blog!!!

    Outfit #1 – H&M black textured pencil skirt, Zara striped top, Barbara Bui heels

    Outfit #2 – H&M black textured pencil skirt, Zara white crop top, Sam Edelman leopard print heels

    Outfit #3 – H&M highwaist wide bottom jeans, Free People top, Aldo wedges

  42. I get what you say about getting excited about little achievements. I started my blog last year and I remember telling my sister “there’s ppl from vietnam reading my blog” and also in more than one occassion thinking to my self “I didn’t know there was a country named blah” and wondering where in world it is located. I wish I had started blogging earlier cause I love it.

  43. What an amazing story, I am definitely motivated now to not give up and keep my heart in blogging. I have a similar story to yours in the way I am not quite sure the direction, but I will keep at it. I am not entering the challenge at this time, but I wanted to let you know your story is in inspiration! Thank you so much.

  44. I always find it so interesting to discover the path of other fashion bloggers. When I started mine, I had no idea how huge blogging could become. I have discovered so much about that since my very beginning haha.

    Anyway, I discovered the contest too late to make a specific shot for it, that’s why I will enter with a former shot -one of my favourite ones so far however. A romantic, white dress, flowers and nature, that’s all I am asking for 🙂

  45. Hello my name is Allanah Dykes and I am so excited to have the chance to enter this contest! This is such an amazing opportunity to not only combine our love of blogging, but the chance to work with a dynamic, forward thinking brand like H&M is the dream. No matter who wins good luck to all of the girls that are entering this competition! Please see the link to my submission below.

    “A Spoonful of Color Makes the Monochrome Go Down”

  46. My name is Sarah Neely and my blog is called Born Freely. Born Freely offers an array of styles and detailed information about my day to day life.

    I love your blog and really happy that you are apart of this contest. I am also appreciative to have the opportunity to participate in this contest so I can be able to voice fashion through my styles. I love that fact you are giving a small town girl from Mississippi the chance to show the world what she has to offer. I hope I have a chance to win so I can show the world and show my 5 year old daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to. I have been blogging for a year and I feel like its not just something to make money and become famous for. My blog allows me to speak to the world. It allows me to show the world you do not have to have a certain look, money, or be like the person on TV, in magazines or even the girl next door. I want to show the world how to love them selves on the inside and accessorize their personality on the outside. I really love anything that deals with fashion and styling and if I can do this everyday I will be happy with God, family, and fashion. Please give me an opportunity to show you and the world what Born Freely has to offer. Again thanks for this opportunity.

    The name of the blog post I am submitting is called “ORANGE TINT.” I am wearing H&M orange racerback top with a fringe skirt

    Link below:

  47. Ever the one to come in fashionably late, here is my submission for the H&M and Bloglovin Mentorship Contest.It’s a wee bit of a twist on the ol’ Outfit-of-the-Day. 😉

    I cannot thank you (and the rest of the crew involved) for having this contest, especially for us newbie bloggers. Most days I feel like I’m floundering about trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, so goodness knows I could use a mentor!

    ~ Briana

  48. What an amazing opportunity. I’ve been buying so much articles from your brand. They are just magnificent. So as for my participation, this dress is absolutely gorgeous and I want to wear it every day! Let’s just flip together 😉 It was shot at the incredible and magical place of le Palais Royal in the heart of Paris, where I’m living! xx



  49. Hey! This is incredible! I just uploaded my entry to instagram and it can be found here:
    Everything here (bar the beanie) is H&M Spring ’15, and if I’m honest the majority of my outfit posts since I started the blog in 2011 contain something or other from H&M ? the obsession is real!! My blog can be found at and my YouTube channel at hope you like!

  50. I don’t really have a hope of winning. I DO have some posts about fashion, more I’m more travel and movie blogger, than fashion.
    So here is my blog:
    I am Kate from Tbilisi, Georgia, currently living and studying in Dusseldorf, Germany. I blog about travelling, about movies, about music. So hello, it’s nice to meet you 🙂

  51. Hey girly! I started my blog this year and like yourself I have fallen into the world of blogging. I literally find myself blogging until all hours of the night, begging my friends to help me take pictures for my blog, and researching how I could make my blog better. I would love to be mentored by you. It would be such a great opportunity for you to even just look at my blog.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Logan xo

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  53. I really love your story! It has inspired to keep at my dream because there is always that stroke of luck for all the hard workers with their heads in the clouds. I hope that my designs will one day be on the runway! Thank you for inspiring me! 🙂

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