The App You Need If You’re Thinking About Getting Pregnant OR Trying To Avoid Pregnancy

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I’m at that age where a lot of my girlfriends are either trying to become pregnant, are pregnant or recently had a baby. So, as you can imagine, we spend a lot of time talking about the subject matter.

Given that I just got married and babies are in our future, I’ve started to ask more questions about how my friends prepared for pregnancy, if at all.  Most of the answers have been obvious: got off birth control a couple months before, prenatal vitamins, quite smoking, less booze, additional exercise, organic food and genetic testing. But one answer wasn’t as obvious and I thought it was a really great tip: collect 5-6 months worth of your cycle data on apps like GLOW.

A handful of them use GLOW to log info about their health and period dates and in turn, the app calculates the days that you are most fertile broken down by percentage and keeps track of your cycles. On the days they are most “high risk” for pregnancy, they know to try.

Now, I realize that you can also just try and not obsess over data or your body temperature but I appreciate the idea. If you really do want to become pregnant, why not log your data, time things well and increase your chances? I’ve logged six months worth of data so far and as soon as we begin trying, I know it’s going to be extremely valuable.

And of course, if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, the GLOW app is equally as reliable. Download it here and give it a try!

**Disclosure: This post is sponsored by GLOW**

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  1. Modern technology is incredible.I took my temperature as told to me by my Dr and it worked like clockwork.

  2. Any of the menstrual cycle apps are really useful! I used Monthly Cycles for over 6 months and it was brilliant; calculated my fertility accurately and fell pregnant straight away!

  3. If you’re trying NOT to get pregnant, you need some method better than this app! (it is not “equally as reliable”!)

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