3 Surprisingly Washable Items In Your Closet

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Raise your hand if you’re tired of paying exorbitant amounts for your dry cleaning bill?! Insert my arms flailing! I don’t know about you but some months my dry cleaning bill is equivalent to that of a new article of clothing.  This totally bums me out which is why I’m making it a priority to carefully read care labels and ultimately, buy more washable items.

After attending New York fashion week and devouring all of the street style I came home and did a little bit of shopping both in stores and in my own closet with this in mind and you’d be surprised how many items in your closet are washable. Here’s what I discovered is surprisingly washable with Tide Pods Free & Gentle:

1. Sneakers.  Inspired by all the sneakers on the streets of New York, I dropped my old favorite pair of Converse in the wash with Tide Pods Free & Gentle and boom, they were like new!

2. Some vegan leathers. I bought a new bright yellow “vegan” leather skirt and believe it or not it is totally washable – the key is to run the cycle on gentle then lay flat to dry.

3. Many knits and sweaters. In honor of the fall season I recently went through all of my sweaters and added a few new ones to the collection.  When I sorted through the keep pile I carefully read the tags and a surprising amount were washable. Essentially anything cotton or a cotton/poly blend. And if any of your sweaters are hand-washable, be sure to use cool water and a detergent for fine washables like Tide Free & Gentle liquid detergent.

After all, your favorite pieces only deserve the best treatment! What other items are surprisingly washable in your closet?

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