3 Chic Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

chic pumpkin decorating ideas chic pumpkin decorating ideas chic pumpkin decorating ideas Tis the week of pumpkin carving parties but not to worry, I’ve got you covered! If you’re not a jack of all trades with a jack-o-lantern here are three très chic pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t involve any carving.

Chic pumpkin decorating ideas:

1. Pumpkin Floral Arrangement 
How-to: Cut off the top of a pumpkin and remove flesh. Paint white and let dry. Fill a vase that is shorter than the pumpkin with a lovely floral arrangement and place in pumpkin. Voila!

2. Gold Leaf
How-to: Wash and dry pumpkin and spray with adhesive. Lay gold leaf foil overtop, one piece at a time, smoothing down into creases with paintbrush as you go. Work your way around pumpkin and don’t worry about crinkles; they add to the effect.

3. Color Block
How-to: Use a hardware-store paint chip as your palette, and for contrast pick colors few shades apart. Experiment with texture, too: A matte finish has a contemporary feel, while glossy is more showy.

And here are a bunch more chic pumpkin decorating ideas.

Source and photos: Chatelaine


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  1. Hello,
    i love the pumpkin decoration idea must place pumpkin vase at my lounge soon.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful unique idea with home maker like me.Thanks and keep updating me with creative ideas.

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