DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

This DIY reclaimed wood coat rack is a quick and easy way to help keep an entry way neat and tidy as the fall hats, coats and bags pile up. Plus, it looks pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

When I created this DIY project for Nordstrom I wanted to find just the right piece of wood. I went digging through the downtown LA lumber yards and was lucky enough to find an old painted door frame with a beautiful patina but if you try this project yourself, any aged cool piece of wood will do. I also splurged on brass hooks to give the project just the right juxtaposition of old and new but again, a variety of hooks would be just as rad. Have fun with it and get creative! Here’s how to do it:

You will need:
A piece of reclaimed wood
Screw driver/drill and screws
Hanging hooks

1: Measure your space to determine the length of your rack.
2: Select a reclaimed piece of wood and if necessary, cut down to desired size. I used a 4 foot piece of wood.
3: Sand and/or paint wood if necessary.
4: Using a tape measure, mark where you would like your brackets – I did them one foot apart.
5: Screw or drill in hooks.
6. Hang on wall and enjoy!

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  1. I love DIY’s and I always find racks very functional! I must try doing this one! what you’ve made is very chic! <3

    love lots,

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