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I’ve never written about my engagement ring. It just never felt like my style to write about it but given that today is the two year anniverary since he popped the question, and I’m just so gd damn happy that he’s alive (after this), it feels right.

I remember staring at the ring the day he proposed dreaming of what was ahead: our laughs, our secrets, our wedding, our children, our grandchildren, the ups, the downs, the adventures and the joy of growing old together. I thought to myself, one day we will be gone but this diamond would still exist and wrapped up in it would be our memories. This was more than a ring, it was the little memory box to our marriage.

When I look down at my ring two years later I think about the memories we’ve already made and I’m just so grateful that I can continue to dream about what’s ahead. That is what I want to honor in this post: continuing to make memories.

Like this one, which is the one and only conversation we had about rings while we were dating:

D: What kind of ring would you want if we were to…?

Geri: (turns bright red, breaks out in a full body sweat and changes the subject)

D: (runs outside to greet the food delivery guy)

Geri: (freaks out, gains composure and thinks to herself, “we haven’t talked a lot about getting engaged and you have got to send the right signal here! this is what you’re going to do: when he gets back apologize and be clear that you’re on the same page.”)

D: (walks back in with indian food)

Geri: I’m sorry, I got really shy and nervous and may have temporary blacked out when you asked me about rings. It’s just that…it’s just that….I so want us to end up together. And I don’t really care about the ring. I will say this though, I want something classic. And I want it to to feel as much like you as it does me. I want it to represent us.

End scene.

And that is exactly what he accomplished. The rose gold and pave gives the ring hints of glamour while grounded by a classic emerald stone. He sourced the stone on his own then designed it and worked with Lizzie Mandler to bring it to life. I love it but not as much as what it means.

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  1. I think it’s so obnoxious when girls are like “I want a 3 carat round cut.” Like, how about just be happy he is proposing! I loved your response to what kind of ring is what I’m trying to sya.

  2. I love your response to him once you regained your composure!!! I never would have thought that an engagement ring should represent “us”, it’s usually all about what the girl wants. I love the idea of it representing the couple. Classic!

  3. Love the ring! I’ve just written my first blog post on my top 3 tips of looking after your engagement ring, would love for you to give it a read 🙂

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