7 Hacks With Essential Oils

essential oil hacks
Essential oils are having a major moment! Did you realize how many ways you can actually use essential oils throughout your daily life? TONS!

Here are seven of my favorite, slightly unexpected, essential oil hacks:

1. Freshen Your Space: Add to a steam diffuser (lavender and eucalyptus are my fave)
2. Sleep Better: Add a few drops of rose oil to your pillow
3. Soothe: Rub clove oil onto joints for achy muscles

4. Freshen Your Fridge: In a small dish add 1 tsp baking soda with a few drops of grapefruit oil, place in the back of your fridge
5. Remove Sticky Residue: Rub citrus-based oil on residue (like bandaids) for easy removal
6. Face Spay: In a bottle, add coconut water with rose oil to cleanse pores & energize
7. Respiratory Relief: Add steaming hot water to a large bowl with a few drops of eucalyptus oil l, place your face over the bowl & a towel over your head to lock in steam (stay for about 5 mins)

For three more essential oil hacks head over to my LEAF video right this way.

What’s your favorite way to use the oils?

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  1. I love essential oils! I use my lavender essential oil for so many different things, in the bath, on my pillow to help me sleep, I love even rubbing a little into my skin for the scent! Thanks for the great post!


  2. When I am feeling a little under the weather I sprinkle some eucalyptus in the shower or bath tub. Every time I put a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser I sprinkle some inside the cardboard tub to freshen up that area every time someone uses the tp.

  3. This is great info. Will definitely try some out. I was just recently introduced to this essential oil world. What brand do you use? Have you heard of doterra?

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