DIY Evil Eye Manicure

Evil Eye Manicure Evil Eye Manicure
I’m wearing: IRO Asheville Leather Moto Jacket, Sandro dress (sold out) & Sonix Evil Eye iPhone Case

I’m not a big nail art girl but when world renowned nail artist Stephanie Stone was going to give me a mani I figured I HAD TO do something fun. I asked her for an evil eye manicure to match my iPhone Case and this is the result. Cute, right?

I carefully watched her do it and if you have a steady hand, it didn’t look all too difficult. Here’s how to do it yourself:

1. Paint two coats of Chanel Organdi (my favorite nude polish!).
2. Once dry, using a white nail striper (like this one), paint white half moons on your middle and ring finger.

3. On the white half moons, add a blue dot right in the center.
4. On top of the blue, add an even smaller black dot.
5. On your middle fingers, add lashes over the white half moons.


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