My Secret To A More Luxurious Nights Sleep

Santal Detergent
There is nothing better than climbing into bad after a long day EXCEPT for climbing into a bed that smells incredibly luxurious.


The Laundress’ collaboration with cult perfumery Le Labo is my secret to a more luxurious sleep at night. Washing our linens with Le Labo then climbing underneath the covers into notes of iris, violet, ambrox, sandalwood and papyrus is truly one of my favorite luxuries in life. It’s a very small touch that makes a big difference and the best part is that it requires very little effort on my end (as opposed to keeping up with the fresh flowers, tidiness, digital detox, etc.).

We use Santal 33 which is a unisex, woody, and delicate scent with notes of cardamom, iris, violet, ambrox, sandalwood, papyrus, cedar and leather but Rose 31 (a chorus of warm, spicy, woody notes such as cumin, olibanum, and cedar, touched by a hint of amber, surrounding a centifolia rose scent) is also lovely. Both are non-toxic and free from harmful additives.

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  1. I always use pillow spray before I go to bed, it’s such a lovely touch and helps me fall asleep so quickly!

    xx Alyssa

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