Are You Still Into Instagram?

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As a blogger I spend a lot of time with other bloggers. We see one another at previews, dinners, events, conferences, etc. and believe it or not, a lot of us are friends IRL.

At a recent blog dinner a few of us were on Snapchat and in the midst of it someone said, “Is Instagram even still relevant?” A friendly debate broke out and views were mixed. While some felt like Instagram is still KING others weren’t convinced.

I’d love to hear what YOU think. Are you still into Instagram? Are you still spending as much time scrolling and double tapping as you were before?

Please lmk! And if you’re wondering which side of the table I was on, I’m still into it. I’m endlessly documenting shenangigans over on @gerihirsch.

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  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I just follow too many people and feel like no matter how much I scroll, I’ll never be “caught up”. I know I need to just clean up my following list, but when I unfollow 1 person, I follow 10 more the next day. I used to be obsessed with Instagram but now I only check it once a week. Snapchat is my new go-to because I only follow a close circle of friends (and Chelsea Handler).

  2. Instagram is the app I most frequently use on my phone. I always check it before snap chat, which is my second favorite social app.

  3. Instagram is not king anymore, imo. It’ll be interesting now that they’re bringing on a new algorithm. I’m not even overflooded by the people I follow but then it started going all Facebook-y. Kinda sad. Snapchat definitely rules my social media atm. I do think there needs to be some type of platform where people discovery is easier (not Snapchat’s forte) and that could be more of Instagram’s spotlight, though it’s getting easier to notice how Instagram gave in to moneymaker Facebook.

    I do like the analogy that different platforms are used to show the different sides to a person’s character. Snapchat is the sillier, more candid version and I think people had been craving that realness after Instagram’s inclination of showing the more aesthetic side. Not that that’s a bad thing (I love me an aesthetically pleasing image), but it’s just how it is.

  4. Still use! I think the draw of snap chat is that the content is less perfected / curated. I’ve unfollowed a bunch of insta accounts because many are the same brunch overhead photos/interiors. Insta still #1, but snap close behind for me.

  5. I definitely don’t spend as much time as I used to on Instagram, but I think it is still relevant and a great marketing tool. Snapchat’s off the cuff and fun, but I don’t think it has the same visual power. Of course Twitter is still my fav of all favs!

    xoxo – Kelly

  6. Instagram is still my #1. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a few snap chatters out there (like yourself!), but it definitely doesn’t have the same positive effect for everyone. There have been bloggers that I’ve followed for years and once I started following them on Snapchat, it kind of ruined it for me. That being said, it’s really fantastic when a blogger/celebrity/person you’ve always liked, becomes even more likable via their videos.

    xo Nadia

  7. I’m still a big fan of Instagram, and while I do use Snapchat as well, I feel that it’s more casual, while Instagram is a lot more well thought out. One of the things I don’t like about Snapchat is how our conversations go away, so after an hour or two, I really forget who I was talking to or what I was talking about hehehe 😛

    XO, Elizabeth

  8. I just follow beautiful instagram account. I don’t care if I caught up. I’ll search accounts to view all the posts they have in order to get caught up. I still think instagram is relevant and it’s my favorite app and social media.

  9. Instagram is a personal tool that bloggers can use. Me for example, my photography i keep to my website but share my life on Instagram so my readers feel like they know me and my life story . see more

  10. They’re so different its kinda hard to compare the two. BUT I will say I always go to Instagram first and don’t really use Snapchat that much but I’m slowly getting into it.

  11. Instagram! I dont like snapchap. Its an excuse for posting any crappy thing because “its so expontaneous”. Instagram is more curated. People tend to think and try more before posting! Plus I dont just follow anyone. Even friends that post ugly content – i dont follow! Its a feed of pretty, inspiring things and i love it. For casual life stuff theres always facebook and real life meetings with friends.

  12. Im still pretty fond of instagram. It is however starting to dawn on me that maybe its because I’m in my late 20s and no longer follow the trends. My 18 year old cousin has tried, time and time again to get me into snapchat and I just don’t really care to get into that as well. So, all that to say, perhaps instagram isn’t the hottest, coolest new thing, but I definitely think that it is still relevant. I follow both you and LEAFTV and hope that you do not leave instagram and switch to snapchat!!

  13. I still check every single picture in my feed like I used to before, but I don’t enjoy the app quite as much anymore. Still love posting own pictures, but with all the perfectionism it has also put quite some pressure on me 🙁 Also with the changes that are coming and that only show trending photos, I’m sure I will get even less likes than before so I’m wondering if it’s still worth the work I put into the app.

  14. Not only is Instagram dying a quick death (I used to scroll every free second. Now, I scroll once a week, quickly get bored, and the last picture I posted was about four months ago), but blogging is dying even quicker. Look at your comments. Half of them are from people who are clearly only commenting so you’ll visit their blogs. Not a very “profitable” enterprise anymore when the only “customers” you get coming through the door are actually just trying to sell you something.

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