A Useful Tip To Stop Procrastinating

Geri Hirsch
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The founders of Who What Wear, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, have been mentors to me since the early days and it’s been incredibly inspiring to learn from them and watch and them grow their empire.

This week the women had a brunch in honor of the launch of their third book, “The Career Code,” which is very fittingly about the must know rules for a strategic, stylish and self-made career. They gifted advanced copies and it is EXCELLENT! The book, which is available for pre-order on Amazon now, is filled with insightful, pragmatic “career codes” to follow, as well as all of the practical, how-to advice they’ve learned while building their company from zero employees in 2006, to the thriving, multibrand, multiplatform, multi-million dollar company.

One of my favorite sections is ’27 Life Hacks.’ They’re all great but one in particular, life hack #20, really resonated with me:

Touch it once: Respond to things – whether it’s an email from your boss or a text message from your mother – the first time you read them, rather than opening something, reading it, thinking you’ll deal with it later, and then never going back and handing it.  This concept is suppose to help us live more organized, productive lives, no matter how many e-mails and texts we get.

I loved this piece of advice because I, like many, am guilty of reading something and not dealing with it right away which leaves me feeling underwater on email/text/insta comments/etc. I’m 100% constituting this rule in my life.

What life hacks work for you?

P.S. HUGE congratulations to Katherine & Hillary!

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  1. Oh, well, I’m guilt of doing it too. But most of the times happens when I’m doing other things and I just for a second open my mails or my socials and have no time to respond then. In that case I believe the answer is to program specific hours in the day to check and respond!

  2. I need to learn to do this! I always leave stuff for later! And sometimes this “later” never comes:)

  3. I would LOVE to read that book! They are both so amazing.
    I love your outfit 🙂 Those earrings complete it so well! x Alona


  4. Oh god I do this all the time – particularly with personal (combined with blog requests) emails all the time. I’ll open something and flag it to say it’s important and needs dealing with. Consequently my inbox is full of these and I always feel like I’m drowning. So this is a great tip, I’m going to try doing it a bit more – and will add the book to my wish list! x

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