A Healthy Hair Routine

A healthy hair routine
You know how everyone has a type of person they are always attracted to? Tall, dark, and handsome. Outgoing and the life of the party. Well I have a person-with-great-hair type. I’ve always been obsessed with good hair, and maintaining a healthy mane is at the top of my beauty priorities. I’ve heard a million different techniques for keeping your hair gorg, and after countless styles and attempts with new products, I’ve learned some universal ways to care for hair.

Here’s what I stick to when it comes to my locks:

Washing. We all know that washing your hair every day can strip it of natural oils, but my grease struggle is REAL. If I’m having a lazy day or wearing it up, I skip washing it that day (beyond thankful for dry shampoo), but I can’t go much longer than that. If you can without a bad grease situation, do it! But if not, give your hair a break from washing when you can and don’t fret about it when you can’t.

Shampoo. Speaking of washing, I notice a huge shift in my hair when I use a variety of shampoos. I use a clarifying shampoo once a week (love this one) to get rid of build up, a volumizing one if I’m planning on wearing my hair down, and a moisturizing one when it’s feeling extra dry.

Brushing. Buying a “wet brush” like this one has been monumental! It not only takes wayyy less time brushing, but I no longer feel like I’m ripping chunks out every time it’s wet. Start from the bottom up to get knots out easily.

Heat. The less heat, the less damage—we all know this—but sometimes it’s impossible not to rely on the blow dryer! If I need the heat, I simply air dry as long as possible, then blow dry the front and top. This provides volume and keeps this area from looking too crazy, and also limits the damage time.

Switching styles. I’ve noticed that when I wear my hair in a high pony or top knot over and over, I start to see breakage around the crown of my head. I now incorporate other lazy-girl styles like low knots or braids when I want it off my face.

Any other tried-and-true tips for a healthy hair routine?

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  1. Once I started coloring and as I aged I wash my hair once a week.That may sound terrible but it is common practice with a lot of my friends.If necessary dry shampoo is good.

  2. I think having healthy hair is very important. I think if your hair looks unhealthy that it can make you look a bit unwell (at least that was the case with me I thought).

    I use to wash my hair everyday. However it got to the point where my hair was constantly greasy and just completely unhealthy. It just didn’t look healthy or nice which I think affected my overall look. I then did a detox and started washing my hair less and less. At first it was super greasy. But then my hair slowly started looking better and better. Now I generally go 2-3 days without a wash and my hair is so much healthier.

    I definitely will look into a clarifying shampoo as I have wanted to try one for awhile now. I am currently using an argan oil shampoo and conditioner as my hair is dry from being colour treated.

    Sarah’s Abode – xx

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