Wellness Challenge: A Self-Love Shower

How’d everyone do with the bathroom toxin elimination challenge last week? Special thanks to those who left additional ideas for product swaps—I’m definitely going to swoop some of those up!

This week, while we’re already focusing on our bathrooms, I want to present the idea of using your shower/bath as an opportunity for self love. It might seem like an unlikely place but it’s actually perfect. You’re in there daily and it’s how you start or end each day—the ideal time to reset and get a little wellness in.

Challenge: Self-love shower (or bath)

How do you do that exactly? Personally, this is how I go about my self-love showers…

First, I spend a few minutes dry brushing before getting in. That way, I’m promoting circulation, detoxing, and stepping into the water with exfoliated skin and open pores. Then, as I mentioned in this challenge, I set my daily intentions. What do I want to focus on and feel like today? After that, I take advantage of the stillness with deep breaths as I rinse my shampoo. It’s basically a mini-meditation session and I love it! Last, I put on moisturizing body wash and lightly massage my face with cleanser if I have dirty skin. (I like to do this last so my shampoo + conditioner residue gets washed away, too).

Once I’m done, I gently towel-dry my skin and apply body oil. Then, robe time! I’ll even do a couple yoga stretches while my muscles are loose and warm.

Ahhh! Pure bliss right there, you guys! Starting (or ending) my day like that leaves me in such a peaceful mindset with a healthy dose of wellness.

When attempting this challenge, do what feels best to you; the last thing I want is for this to feel like another checklist to get done. Make this time whatever you need it to be—I simply challenge you to take advantage of this daily, mundane task! Enjoy it.

Be sure to give yourself 10-15 minutes so you don’t have to rush. If that means waking up 10 minutes earlier, do it!

Any other ideas for making this time wellness friendly?

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