Nixing The Sunday Blues

geri hirsch + melrose place farmers market
Sundays are such a bittersweet day, right? It’s the weekend and typically a happy day, but the thought of Monday starts lingering by late afternoon. To combat the Sunday blues or scaries as some people call them, I’ve started using Sundays as basically a self-care and prep day. After hitting up the farmer’s market in the a.m., I slip into the rest of my Sunday routine. Doing this leaves me less anxious to face Monday and I get to pamper myself. Here are the usual things I take care of on Sunday evenings:

Deep condition or use a clarifying shampoo. Depending on the condition of my hair that week, I’ll use a deep conditioner if I’ve used a lot of heat, or a clarifying shampoo if I’ve gone heavy on the dry shampoo and need to remove build-up.

Dry brush + oil. If I’m in the mood I’ll take a relaxing bath, and if not, a shower it is. Either way, I dry brush my body before and moisturize with body oil after. Then, I follow up with cuticle oil on my nails (don’t forget your toes!).

Exfoliate + face mask. Sundays tend to have the most downtime, so I take advantage of the extra minutes and focus on my skin. I exfoliate then follow up with a face mask to let all the goodness really sink in.

Wash sheets. There isn’t anything better than clean sheets; it’s a fact! And starting the week with them just feels right. I wash mine to look forward to getting into bed—even with Monday on the other side.

Prep smoothies. I make cubes so that breakfast is effortless and set for the week.

Clean out my purse. The amount of stuff we can compile in one bag is sort of amazing, but also pretty gross. I do a quick audit of what’s in my bag and toss anything that I don’t need. I also organize it with my computer, planner, etc., so that it’s one less thing to worry about come Monday.

Check my calendar for the upcoming week. I like to save this for last since it’s not exactly pampering, but I enjoy doing it to get my brain in check for what’s to come. I note any tasks I have to get done and also try to schedule in my workouts…and happy hours.

Then I do my usual bedtime routine and sleep off the Sunday scaries! How do you get ready for Monday?

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  1. I work as a freelancer and I’ve got a rather blurry line betwen workdays and weekend. But I’m moving forward to a better divided graphic. I want to have this nice Sunday routine too)

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  2. This is such a lovely post! On Sundays I have a pamper evening and spend the day getting my life together through cleaning and working. It really just makes me feel motivated and ready for the coming week!

  3. I really perked up when I read that you always clean out your bag as part of your Sunday routine. I want to try that. You also mentioned a planner. Paper planner perhaps? Would love to know more. I’m a little obsessed with paper planners…

  4. My Mondays have got a lot less stressful since I started to make all the planning on Sunday evenings. As you say – it may not be relaxing, but it frees my mind and I sleep a lot better knowing that I won’t forget any important tasks for the week.

    As for pampering, I must get back to my old habit of doing my whole routine on Sunday. Now it’s a lot more random and it doesn’t give me that feeling of total relax. I need to change that, as starting Monday with clean hair and painted nails is a great feeling.

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