Wellness Challenge: Setting Your Intentions

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Hiiii guys! How are we feeling after the first Wellness Challenge? I definitely found myself not always taking time to decompress, so I’m going to keep working at that.

Ready for this week’s??

Challenge: Setting your intentions (daily, weekly, & monthly)

First up, let’s talk about what an intention is. It’s a plan of how you want to live, feel, and be. It’s sort of like a goal, but without a fixed outcome or something to check off a list. It’s an aim towards HOW you want to live your life, not something you want to DO.

This challenge is to set an intention every month, week, and day. Set an alarm if you need help remembering (I personally do it daily in the shower), and put aside a few minutes to think about what to focus on for that time period.

Here are some things to keep in mind while setting your intentions:

  • Keep them positive!
  • Don’t get attached to the outcome. Like I said before, there’s not always a clear outcome with an intention, and it’s not always a change you can notice for a while.
  • Let them evolve. Intentions might change a bit—especially monthly ones—and that’s OK. Tweak them when you need to based on your evolved feelings.

When setting intentions, I like to focus on something I’ve not been feeling good about—which I got clarity about with the first challenge (if you missed that one, answer those questions for a day or two first). Remember, setting them is a time when you can decide how you want to feel or react or think or channel your energy to work toward an intention.

For example, I mentioned struggling with decompressing. My intention this month is to decompress. My intention for this week was to take breaks to breath. See? No real outcome, just a way I want to feel and a practice to focus on. My daily intention this morning was to rest after work. Both involve my main intention—decompressing—and are flexible.

Keep a notepad on your phone or one written by your bed (my preference), and set your intentions. It’s OK that it’s not the 1st of the month either, this does NOT need to be based on a strict timetable.

If you’re comfortable sharing, please comment with your intention(s), or let me know how you’re doing with this!

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  1. I love love love this idea! And I think the shower will be my place too, since it’s (usually) the best alone time I have away from the babies. Thanks for reminding me to work towards a happier, more focused version of myself!

  2. My monthly intention is to be fit, motivated and relaxed. I’m not sure if there’s a contradiction in the last two! I’ll need to break it down into smaller goals, but relaxing is definitely a big one. Last week’s challenge made me aware of how I race around in ‘busy’ mode most of the time and don’t pause to breathe and settle myself.

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