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wellness challenge
I’m sure you’ve noticed the shift here—and on my social accounts for that matter—as a lot of the content has been heavily wellness-related. It’s such a vital part of my life, it feels weird not focusing on it. To match the passion and lifestyle behind the updated BIA attitude, there will be new series I’m super duper excited about: the weekly Wellness Challenge!

Each Monday, I’ll propose a new challenge for the week, all targeted at—you guessed it!—wellness. Think everything from workin’ on that fitness, to detoxing from certain food groups, to essential oils. I want this challenge to be something that kick-starts your week in a way that has lasting positive results.

There will be helpful resources—checklists, questions, etc.—included when relevant because I want to make it a seamless transition to incorporating a life well lived. The comment section can also be utilized as a community to share how you’re doing with the challenge and to check in on others’ experiences. I’ll concentrate on one practice a week so that this is attainable. I’m pumped about the content I have coming and hope you find the challenges inspiring, approachable, and most importantly, really good feeling!

So with that being said, we’re going to start this up RIGHT NOW because there’s no time like the present! We’ll start with something that will help you get in the mindset to really dive into the challenges to come. Ready?!

Challenge: Be aware of your body and mind.

What I’d love from you this first week is to truly be aware and mindful of how you’re living your days, and where you struggle to feel good. Below are some questions to help. As you go through this week, come back to these questions often. Write out your thoughts or keep your answers in your head—whatever is easiest.

Do I feel good in this moment? Why or why not?

How is my energy level?

Have I made food choices that benefit my body?

Am I taking time to decompress and breathe?

Am I making sleep a priority?

When did I feel at my best today?

What could I have done to make this day feel better?
These questions should serve as a check-in whenever you have time to assess yourself. The idea behind this challenge is to 1. Get you used to being aware of how you treat your mind and body and 2. See where you could use growth wellness wise.

As you go through the week, please check in and leave comments on this post. I’d LOVE to hear any answers to the questions, and I want these challenges to feel communal. I also want to hear what pops up as a wellness area of improvement. For example, if a lot of people are having trouble finding ways to decompress, I’ll be sure to work that into a challenge.

I hope you guys are feeling this series as much as I am! Here’s to us all feeling a bit more “well” each week!

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  1. I have loved the shift in your life & content. I especially feel like I know you better b/c of Snapchat! Looking forward to taking these challenges.

  2. Great idea. After an extremely tough year (both physically and emotionally) this is just the thing I need. Reading your list, I definitely need reminders to decompress and breathe regularly, and to prioritize sleep and check my energy. I might wear a special ring or bracelet to remind me to check in with myself during the day, something to trigger it in my mind. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series, thanks.

  3. This is an amazing idea I go to a Jesuit college and a lot of these questions remind me of the questions asked during examens (weekly reflections led on campus). So many of my peers find solace in doing these reflections and I’m glad you’ve found a way to ask yourself some of these questions with more of a healthy focus!

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