Summer’s Freshest Knot

Knotted Low Braid_Geri Hirsch Knotted Low Braid Knotted Low Braid 3 Knotted Low Braid
For this weeks how-to hair post I asked Kristin Heitkotter for the impossible—an effortless look that’s casual enough to wear with a sundress BUT could also be fancy enough for black tie attire. Basically I wanted her to freshen up the top knot style that I’ve worn to death. She more than delivered, she nailed it! Here’s how to create what she calls the “The Knotted Low Braid”:1. Prep hair by applying Leonor Greyl Mousse Au Lotus Volumizing mousse at base thru ends.
2. Blow-dry hair to give volume.
3. Take half of the hair above the ears and tie as if you were going to tie a knot.
4. Add the rest of the hair on the bottom to each side and complete the knot.
5. Secure the bottom at the base of the knot with an elastic.
6. Pull apart for an undone look.7. Apply Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel to the ends.

Do we LOVE?!


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  1. I don’t get how it works…. An almost-knot that becomes a knot with the hair below? Then is it plaited? The photo looks like there’s more knotting going on. Argh, what is happening!?

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