5 Healthy Ways To Transition To Fall

Is everyone annoyed of fall excitement yet? Good, me neither. I’ve packed away my summer stuff and officially moved into fall mode. Now if the California weather could just meet me here, that’d be great! I love the process of transitioning from one season to the next because it’s a bit of a reset and touch-base with my health. Especially moving into colder months, it’s the perfect time to start focusing more internally now that the craziness of summer starts to slow.

Here are my favorite ways to transition to fall in a health-conscious way:

1. Skincare swaps
Taking care of my skin is my biggest priority when it comes to cold-month beauty care. The tans and glows fade and you’re left with paler, drier skin—which isn’t always a bad thing because a dark lip + pale skin is super chic, hello! I add more heavy moisturizing creams, serums, and body lotion to the mix because the light summer oils don’t seem like enough. And don’t forget the sunblock everywhere – including lips! I use SPF lip balms so mine don’t become wind-chapped and burnt.

2. Use a humidifier
Like I just mentioned, dry skin is hard to avoid once fall and winter hit, but using a humidifier helps SO much. It helps skin retain moisture, and it also nixes getting sick as easily because viruses have a hard time traveling in moist air. It’s also good for sinuses, coughs, and allergies. Plus, it keeps your skin as glowy as possible! #nobrainer

3. Finding go-to meals
Does anyone else feel way more hungry in cold months? I love finding go-to meals and snacks that are fresh and in season. This cauliflower and sweet potato salad is super healthy and easy to make. Snack wise, I keep apples + nut butter on hand at all time. Being prepared definitely helps to avoid making unhealthy choices.

4. Immune boosting ingredients
Fall brings more time inside and germ sharing, and while I’m not a germophobe, I do all that I can to up my chances of NOT getting sick (in addition to the humidifier). I make sure to continue with green juices, but I also love to incorporate Vitamin C supplements to my diet. Echinacea tea moves into heavy rotation too, since it can help fend off illness.

5. Dry brushing
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you should be dry brushing by now! It’s mentioned a lot because it’s such a legit way to detox your skin, get rid of dead cells (especially in dry seasons!), and it helps with circulation. I’m loving the dry brush that comes in Month 1 of the Year of Wellness, and I brush every couple days. If you haven’t incorporated this into your routine yet, fall is the perfect time to start!

How do you prep for fall and winter? Any healthy tips I’m missing?

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